miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2020


Discovering our landscape: Spanish team outing to "Las Lagunas de Ruidera" (5th February 2020)

The Spanish pupils together with the teachers involved in our project had a nice day (the weather was very warm and sunny) visiting one of the most beautiful landscapes of our region cultural heritage.
We visited "Las Lagunas de Ruidera". There, the pupils took photos, recorded videos, appreciating not only the flora, fauna but also the sounds of nature, and the emotions that provoked in them.
They also learnt some interesting information about this awesome natural park with the aid of a guide who explained them important facts about the origins, geographical features and flora and fauna of this area.
Now the students are preparing an exposition to show students and teachers from Greece, France and La Reunion all what they have learnt about this natural park in our mobility to Greece.

viernes, 31 de enero de 2020

Workshop of January 29, 202: relaxation - concentration session, using the techniques recommended in the document of educational tools around "mindfullness"

In addition, the exercise of "guardian angels" is tested during the coming week !!

jueves, 30 de enero de 2020

landscape !!

Discover the poetic collection in Spanish produced by 
the students of the Erasmus students.
So take a few moments to read and discover
 in poem the magnificent landscapes of Reunion: Cilaos, Le Maïdo, 
Le Piton de La Fournaise, Le Sud Sauvage!
 click below : 

miércoles, 1 de enero de 2020

students going to Greece

Here are the reunionnese students who will visit Greece. One boy is missing : Ylan...
You can see from the lef,
the girls : Camille, Kenza, Maelle, Sarah
and the boys : Noam, Mathéo, Ny Aina.
See you soon !!

domingo, 22 de diciembre de 2019

The november 13, the erasmus form was to the top of "Maïdo", a point of view on all the cirque of "Mafate".
A very large landscape with a lot of diferent approaches possible.
Indeed, before the outing, the pupils discovered that a landscape doesn't exist. It's a representation : picture, drawing, poem, story, description, map, symbols...
But, each landscape has his own history too : in this case, geologics changes due to volcano, rains, wind... or changes due to human people (architecture, fields of growing), or history like displacements of people (in this case, fleeing slaves)
The name of a few montains keep the track of this history : here we've got the Cimendef's top and closed to it the Marianne's crest. Both were slaves who married. And Marianne was the daughter of a fleeing slave, Anchaing, who's name is the name of a piton (the only one of Unesco in the Salazie cirque), his own refuge during 10 years.

So, the pupils had to build their own approach of the landscape. Unfortunatly, the weather was bad in the cirque and they didn't see Mafate. Only the part oustide the cirque
They had to do pictures and give a title, then pictures with a title it's impossible to understand without explanation. They had to take pictures in a bag (all landscappes of Reunion Island) and inquire the tourists people to have informations about this. They had to read (story, poem), and to draw. They worked as groups and shared ttheir own work.
There was a picture contest with themes : brown, creepage, incongruous, empty space...
The teaching method used cooperation, creativity, own choice, sharing.
At the end, we were at the atmsophere's observatory. The encharged, Valentin Duflot, welcomed us and explained the role of the structure (study of atmosphere, with international partners like Nasa) and the diferent jobs necessary to work.
Then, in the pictures you'll see this diferents moments and examples of pupil's work.
About writing, they had to close their eyes and note 3 words to qualify what they felt. For example, they wrote : wind, heat, noise of walking, culture, homogeneous, nature, respect, relaxation, family, desert, empty space, glacial, wildlife, empty air, journey...
And to finish, what pupils with the biggest school dificulties wrote (with 4 themes imposed) : "This place is impossible to flee. We are only able to contemplate it.The slopes are tremendous. There are a lot of visiting people and families who come. When you are here, you enjoy pace the landscapes. There is a lot of fauna and flora. Then, tourists are numerous to contemplate the empty space. But, in this place there is a lot of changing weather, from freshness to the fire of the sun".
Sébastien Heintz, PE teacher, encharged of the outing
Now enjoy these landscapes


Discovering our landscape: Spanish team outing to "Las Lagunas de Ruidera" (5th February 2020) The Spanish pupils together...